Never count again. A seamless and automatic wish tracker for Genshin Impact integrated straight into Discord. A multi-utility discord bot for all your Genshin needs.

Welcome to the Genshin Wizard Docs!

Genshin Wizard is a multi-utility Genshin oriented Discord bot for all your Genshin needs.
This documentation provides information on each module and command found within Genshin Wizard, including the description and usages.
If you need any additional help with Genshin Wizard, consider joining our Discord Server!
Useful Links
View Genshin Wizard's official webpage. (This site is simply for documentation needs)
Join Genshin Wizard's official support server.
Invite Genshin Wizard to your own server.
Purchase Genshin Wizard premium to unlock exclusive features.
Check out Genshin Wizard's recent tweets.


Information and notes will be displayed in large boxes marked in blue like this.
Warnings will be displayed in large boxes marked in orange like this.
Well-known bugs, precautions, and disabled modules will be disabled in large boxes marked with red like this.
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