Frequently Asked Questions in Genshin Wizard

How do we manage to get my in-game wishes?

╰・We just take them from your wish history. The wish history in Genshin Impact is represented via a webpage available in-game. All we need is your wish history webpage issued by the game to fetch your wish history.

Is there any risk of being banned from using this?

╰・Nope! We are using the same requests as the game itself to get fetch all your wishes (provided to us by the public Mihoyo API), rest assured, there is absolutely no risk of being banned by using our services.

How do I start tracking my wishes?

╰・Information on how to start tracking your wish history statistics can be found in Getting Started. If you're having issues using our bot, try contacting a staff member in our Official Discord for additional assistance.

Privacy? What if I don't want to share my stats?

╰・No worries! We heard your voices! Due to popular demand, you are in control, you can change your Genshin Wizard settings and customize every little privacy setting. Show everything or become a mystery. It's your choice.

Spiral-Abyss team comp not showing?

╰・This can mean either one of two things. The first possibility, and the more likely matter, is that you have not registered your HoYoLAB account to Genshin Wizard. For information on how to do this, Click Here. If you've already registered with your HoYoLAB account and you recently completed abyss, you may just need to wait, abyss data can generally take anywhere from 1-3 hours to update!

The leaderboard is not updating!

╰・Do not fear! There are specific reasons why the /leaderboard command may not update when expected. For more information on this matter, refer to Leaderboards.

Invited the bot, but emojis aren't showing?

╰・If you're facing an issue where emojis are not showing through the bot, make sure @everyone has perms to use external emojis within the specific channel/server. The reason behind this is that webhooks essentially utilize default permissions when embedding content, therefore, if everyone doesn't have permission to use external emojis, neither do the bots' messages.

Invited the bot, but slash commands aren't showing?

╰・If you're facing an issue where slash commands are not showing through the bot, this may be an issue with the number of bots that contain slash commands within your server. Each guild has a limit to the number of bots that can have slash commands in any one guild and this limit happens to be 50 discord bots. For more information regarding this topic, you can check this post!

My wish history got messed up after importing!

╰・Remember folks, it's best to refresh your wish history before importing to avoid any technical issues (refer to Importing Wishes for more information on this matter). If you are in need of assistance in repairing or importing your wish history from another platform, you can join the Official Discord.

How does Genshin Wizard get its data?

╰・Genshin Wizard utilizes an abundance of different APIs to collectively handle all your Genshin Impact needs. We utilize HoYoLAB's public (undocumented) API and Enka.Network's API to provide Genshin players with everything they need to share and track their in-game progression!

HoYoLAB Cookies

╰・If a user decides to register using the HoYoLAB method, rest assured, that their information is fully encrypted and stored within the Genshin Wizard database. We understand your concerns and don't take this matter lightly!
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