Getting Started

Information regarding Genshin Wizard's wish tracking features.

Registering [Full Registration]

Command: /register
Menu Option: Wish History
Good to know: This method of registration will allow a user to view their wish history and also their stats. This is the best method for registering with our bot if you want to get full functionality access.
To begin the registration process, you're going to want to go to the dedicated bot/wish commands channel and type /register. Make sure to not add any additional parameters to this command in order for this to work. This command will first prompt you for the platform you play Genshin Impact on. From there, select the Wish History button and follow the instructions on the embed.
Compatible Platforms:
Once you select the appropriate platform, you'll be prompted for a wish history link URL. Information regarding how to obtain this key can be found here.

Linking Genshin UID [Partial Registration]

Command: /register
Menu Option: Link UID
Important: If you choose to register via this method, this does not mean you will be able to view your wish history/check your pities. If you wish to get access to those features, you will need to register using the registration method above.
If you are unable to register using the method above, you can also register using your Genshin UID! This can be found on your profile for Genshin or on the bottom right of your game.
Once you have your UID, you can link your Discord account to your Genshin account by using the command /register, click the Link UID button, and input your Genshin account's UID.
Upon using this command, you will be asked to verify that you actually own the account by adding a verification key to your in-game signature. After the bot can confirm that the key is there, your account will automatically be linked to Genshin Wizard.

Linking HoYoLAB Account

Command: /register
Menu Option: HoYoLAB
Important: This command utilizes your HoYoLAB account's cookie. Be careful not to share your acquired token with anyone. If you believe your token has been compromised, change your password on HoYoLAB as soon as possible.
To link your HoYoLAB account, users will need to follow a series of instructions from the bot. You can begin linking your account by using the command /register and selecting the HoYoLAB option. This command will display a variety of bonus features that are listed down below!
Linking Features:
1. Access to your in-game resin count in real-time (set up automatic notifications).
2. Access to your in-game expedition status in real-time.
3. Ability to claim your Daily Check-in Reward straight from Discord.
4. Ability to view in-depth information about your Spiral Abyss progression.
5. View an infographic containing all your available characters.
Genshin Wizard | HoYoLAB Overview Menu

Refreshing [Partial Registration]

Command: /refresh
Important: After the 2.3 Genshin Impact update, Mihoyo released changes to the way their API works. Due to these changes, there are certain restrictions we have on how long we can gather information regarding an individual's wish history, thus making this process a requirement.
The wish history link used in the register command is a link that is only active temporarily. These links tend to be active for around a day before requiring you to grab another link in order to continue calculating your wishes. To refresh your wish history link, you're going to want to go to the dedicated bot/wish commands channel and type /refresh.
If your current link has not expired when you use this command, all of your banners will automatically be refreshed, allowing you to check your updated history instantly.
After you run this command, you will be prompted for a wish history link URL once again. Information regarding how to obtain this key can be found here. It is recommended to only refresh your history link if and only if your history link has already expired.